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About this project

Zymaa is a brand of wellness products for both men and women. Foxital creates the digital works from scratch. In accordance with their requests, We also created the package designing for them.

Client : VijayaKumar

Company : Zymaa Pure Herbals

Category : Men & Women Wellness

Introducing the way we started

Foxital takes great pride in building a brand from beginning. And we got the partners involved in the conversation. They requested that their brand be easily recognisable by everyone through the box design. Everyone should be drawn to it. We only set out to design them with the intention of making them appealing and recognisable.

Designing an effective package requires an understanding of the target market. Age, gender, financial level, and way of life are all important considerations. The primary characteristics and advantages of the product should be emphasised in the package design. Also, the packaging should reflect the overall tone and messaging of the brand. All of these details were kept in mind.

Final solution

Finally, we showed up with the plan. The trademark sparkles and is easily recognisable due to the diamond cut style.