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About this project

Zymaa is a brand of wellness products for both men and women. Foxital creates the digital works from scratch. In accordance with their requests, we produced this logo.

Client : VijayaKumar

Company : Zymaa Pure Herbals

Category : Men & Women Wellness

Introducing the way we started

As soon as we met with the client, they requested a logo that stands out and is appropriate for a wellness product. They requested that the logo be straightforward and beautiful rather than more colourful or clunky.

Additionally, they stipulated that the logo must contain both text and shapes. The writing shouldn't be in a standard typeface; instead, it should be distinctive or stick out from the crowd. So we initially began to sketch the font. Our primary goal while designing the fonts was that each and every character should accurately represent the brand.

We kept in mind that the logo's shape should be straightforward and unobtrusive while designing it. The most elegant shape is a circle, which is also where all logo designs begin. Therefore, we reasoned that creating the logo should begin with a circle, and then we built the entire shape using only a circle to satisfy their needs and brand.

Final solution

Finally, we developed a type of logo that satisfies the client's needs and is appropriate for the client's firm.We created the logo you see at the top of the page for the brand-new men's and women's health startup.

This logo is adaptable, can be used everywhere, and all of its colours match those of many backdrops, making it ideal for usage with any background and item.